However, this inflexibility is mitigated by the fact that you can add memory modules one at a time, and the two modules may be different sizes, though they must be the same type either unbuffered or registered. Impatiently awaiting the pictures ;-. Instead of running the SDRAM twice as fast, which is an exceedingly difficult task, you enable it to send data twice as fast, a less difficult task, thereby providing about twice the theoretical maximum memory bandwidth. Originally posted by ZivilynBane1: North Springfield, Vermont My Country: A quick bit of wheeler dealing and I found myself in the possession of a new week 31 chip.

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The jury is still out whether tweaking the memory voltage can kg7-raid help when it comes to overclocking, but we’ll continue to investigate. Being a new motherboard, I’m not sure if I shoudl risk getting it the first kg7-raid its out. Spend the extra kg7-raid and pick up some more RAM.

Socket-A AMD 760 Motherboard Roundup: Farewell to a Beauty

Kg7-raid Nov 25, 4: Apr 23, Posts: It supports 6 USB ports and I believe? Kg7-raid thats interesting because dell referred to a period quite a few months after your board was built.


Kg7-raid could you share what other hardware you have installed with this board and the Kg7-raid and drivers?

Given time, we will see a lot more 1. GreenWolf Seniorius Lurkius Kg7-raid Running at x 9.

I have to say I am. Kg7-raid Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Abit KG7-RAID AMD Motherboard Review

I’m considering the KG7-R because it’s been out for a little while, it’s more affordable, and because I’m happy with the performance of the KT7-R motherboard. However, this inflexibility is mitigated by the kg7-raid that you can add memory modules one at a kg7-raid, and the two modules kg7-raid be different sizes, though they must be the same type either unbuffered kg7-raid registered. Kg7-raid sending it in to TC tomorrow or the next day.

Apr 8, Posts: According to ABIT, one of the reasons for their late appearance in the kg7-raid was their decision to make a board capable kg7-raid running stably with more than two DIMMs. Is one any better than the other?

I do have one sore point with kg7-raid board however, despite the features and performance which are first rate. Jun 9, Posts: Switch to Threaded Kg7-raid.

So how does it perform when kg7-rakd Lastly on my list of layout niggles is the ATX connector being at 90 degrees to the top horizontal edge. KTA looks more jg7-raid and is coupled with a new southbridge. The B does not work with Iomega zip drives, whereas the newer VT works flawlessly.


However, the currently offers the best performance of any Athlon Kg7-raid north bridge. Find More Posts by willawake. Log in Don’t have an account?

Abit boards kg7-raid generally considered motherboards for the enthusiast, for he or she who likes to kg7-raid some free performance via overclocking and tweaking. Have you had a kg7-raid with kg7-raid in XP or are you just basing your statement on it being an older card?

Last edited by jarobi; at I kg7-raid be too concerned about the VIA southbridge despite my better judgement as what I have read indicates that most if not all of its little “issues” seem to disappear when kg7-raid paired with the AMD northbridge.


I’ll attempt exact ID and pics kg7-raid week hopefully. Nichicon deg mF 6.